Free Hearing Screening Project


DMU staff and students from the school of audiology deliver free hearing screening events at numerous locations across the city.

More than a 150 people have been screened during 2014/15, with a large number being referred onto the NHS for hearing aids. We are now looking to build on this success and increase that figure to ensure members of the Leicester community with hearing difficulties get the support they need.

What you can expect: 

  • DMU Square Mile volunteers work with Action Deafness
  • Engage members of community that are hard to reach
  • Make individuals aware of general ear health and hearing loss
  • Work hands on with members of the community
  • Final year students can supervise Year 1 and 2 students so they are learning from their peers by exchanging knowledge
  • Build up connections with  Action Deafness audiologist, Sonali Tanna

How you can benefit: 

  • Provides students with an insight into how full hearing checks are performed
  • Assists in building consultation skills
  • Signposting patients to their health care professionals
  • Highly rewarding
  • Understanding patient experiences
  • Gain valuable employability skills for future endeavours

DMU Student Zahraa Gaffar said:

“This is a really good experience with patients, building your confidence while communicating with patients. This has taught me to be an independent audiologist. This experience was good as we had a supervisor that was similar age to ours and I could relate to her.”

Fellow DMU student Fateema Karim explained:  

“This was a positive experience and allowed me to see real life patients. It really boosts your confidence as you are left to carry out a full test yourself. We had great help from Sonali and Gurpreet who were always there to advise us. It has been an amazing experience which I would highly recommend to other Audiology students.”

Most students who expressed their interests in volunteering with HearNow Forward have had an opportunity to work closely with AD staff, accompanying them to local community groups to carry out hearing checks and if there were concerns around hearing, students carried out full hearing checks in DMU laboratories. During this time they were given full training and support by AD staff. They were able to communicate with a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds with varied degrees of hearing, hence helping them to communicate with members of the wider community and to practice their PTA and Tympanometry skills.

Local resident Parminder Kaur, who received a hearing test said:

“I had my hearing test at Shama Women’s Centre and I was very keen to find out more about the project. I decided to have a full hearing test at DMU and recommended the project to my friends as well. I felt very comfortable talking to the officers; they explained everything to me clearly in my mother tongue. I want to learn British Sign Language as my son who is 10 has speech difficulty and we as a family really struggle to communicate with him. It is very frustrating and makes me feel low. Working with the project I hope I can resolve some of these difficulties. Today my husband, my daughter and I, we have all had full hearing checks and I can’t thank you enough for the good service.’”

Another resident, Kamaljit Kaur,

“About four years ago I decided to try Ayurvedic Herbal medication to treat my Thyroid and other health problems like high Blood Pressure. My condition was worsened with these herbal medications and I developed Tinnitus with it. I am really suffering with Tinnitus as I can’t sleep properly, hospital staff suggested I should distract myself by listening to music while lying down but that hasn’t helped. I feel very helpless and I was pleased to be recommended to this project by my friend. We were treated with care and respect and I was pleased with my test.”

According to Action Deafness, the ongoing work has confirmed some of the concerns for different communities as not having confidence to talk about  hearing loss and asking for help.

A spokesman stated:
“Many patients have expressed their feelings of isolation and not knowing where to seek help and advice. They have appreciated the service that has been provided to them at their doorstep with compassion and in their languages. They are extremely pleased with our Drop-in-Clinic; it is a major relief for them. It saves them going into town, avoiding any parking problems and are seen quickly and supported by our volunteers and officers. We run our fortnightly Drop-in-Clinic in partnership with Leicester Royal infirmary. Any Hearing-aid users can visit this Drop-in-Clinic to get advice and deal with issues around their Hearing-aids. A number of people have expressed interest in getting involved with the project in various ways, for example attending our regular fortnightly Coffee Mornings and volunteering.”

Sign up! 

Interested in delivering free hearing screening? Want to make a difference in someone’s life? Then please contact Debbie from the Square Mile team.


Logging Hours
All Square Mile volunteering hours can be logged online via MyGateway. You can log your hours weekly or monthly. It is essential that you keep track of all the hours you have contributed to Square Mile volunteering opportunities. Please ensure that you input all of your hours into the MyGateway form in order to receive your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and Square Mile certificate of achievement.