My first canal clean up experience – I can’t wait for next time!

yuepangYue Pang is an international student from China came to DMU this year and is studying Accounting and Finance. Already this year she has taken part in two Square Mile projects, the Canal Clean up and the Stem Cell Recruitment Drives! Here is her DMU Square Mile experience:  “My duty at this event was planting flowers along the river. The staff were so nice and gave they lots of guidance, although it was really hard for me to shovel soil.

It was a cold and rainy day however, thanks for the rain, as the rain turned the soil rich and soft which was beneficial as it made it easy for me to shovel. The co-operation between my friend (who put the seeds inside the holes I had dig) and I meant we performed really well throughout the session. Shovelling for nearly three hours tired me a little, however I felt very happy. I’m looking forward to the seeds to grow into flowers.


Can’t wait next time!
Yue Pang (Angie)”
If you want to take part in the Canal Clean up sessions or find out more, please get in contact with Amy