Hear about Aamir’s inspiring 18 months with DMU Square Mile!

AAMIRHEREI recently graduated from biomedical science with a first class degree and received a scholarship to a PhD at DMU, write Aamir Hussian. I will be conducting a talk at the PAVE conference on 4th November  on my journey through University and how through Square Mile, Frontrunners and other activities I was able to “quite literally turn my life around in an 18 Month Transformation”.

I’m keen to promote the conference and in particular my talk to all respective students or network contacts when ever possible, via email or a lecture/practical shoutout, promoting on your websites or via social media.

It is my chance to inspire students to really become proactive and utilise De Montfort University to its fullest potential as I did, so I want to get as many students attending as possible!

In a under 18 months, I went from having just one work experience week in Halfords, to obtaining a first class degree in biomedical science and a PhD Scholarship, if you want to hear how please come along to my talk. “If I can do it so can you!”

One day I was standing as a regular uni student in a corner of a pharmacy with questionnaires in my hand, several months later I walked back into that pharmacy, a first class graduate and a PhD Student.  The volunteering that I did there was the start of a great journey come and see how it all unfolded.