Volunteering with Square Mile led me on to my PhD scholarship!

AAMIRHEREIn a nutshell Square Mile literally changed my life, writes PhD student Aamir Hussain. It gave me the opportunity to help others, improve my own self in so many different ways, and increase my employability skills. It is because of Square Mile that I underwent a dramatic 18 month transformation from a very inexperienced nervous student to a well established confident and multi-skilled individual. My journey began volunteering for the diabetes CAM project where I was based at Brennans Pharmacy talking to local diabetics on how they are coping with diabetes, this allowed me to enhance my people and communication skills.

Many hours at the pharmacy with an amazing team helped to build my confidence in a workplace setting. This paved the foundation for my basis as a rising student, it was then because of many presentation type tasks and volunteering that brought about my skills in public speaking. This was remarkable as in the space of 3 months I went from shaking in front of a camera to delivering a lecture to 70 second year students. This would not have happened without the opportunities the support and guidance DMU square mile gave me. To really put this all into perspective, the experiences and skills I gained from all my volunteering posts and tasks gave me the chance to obtain a 6 month lab placement at university during my final year which ultimately set up the possibility of creating a novel PhD research concept. Whilst still continuing my work with DMU square mile and my placement, all the collective skills, experiences, knowledge and techniques put together resulted in my securing a PhD Scholarship. Therefore just pause and think, 18 months before that I had one weeks work experience on my CV. Thanks to DMU square mile my life changed forever.