“I’m helping others on a project that’s relevant to my degree”

Tabby ShahPrior to starting university, I was always told to make the most of my first year by volunteering, gaining work experience relating to my chosen degree, joining societies etc, writes DMU student Tabinda Shah. Therefore, when I came across an email regarding volunteering with the Square Mile project, I, along with two of my friends decided to join. It can be said that at the beginning my only intention was to include some useful volunteering opportunities to my CV, however once again, I was reminded of how much I appreciate participating in such great causes.  Here I am pictured left with my friend Miriam, heading to Play Dough at Mellor Primary!

Being a stranger in a place far from home, I would never have thought that I’d meet so many nice people so quickly and that too through Square Mile. I first volunteered at the Halloween event where I discovered my love for helping out in the local community. Subsequently, I decided to join the Play Dough project where I made so many little friends who have so far made the experience nothing but enjoyable. I chose to participate in Play Dough as I am studying Accounting and Finance, thus it is of relevance to my degree, and most importantly I can help out the children as I have some understanding of the subject. Side by side, I am also part-taking in the Homework Club India project. The project’s main aim of helping decrease the poverty of schools in India has really touched me.

Volunteering is not only something that brightens your CV, but it is also an extremely rewarding cause with countless other benefits to one’s self, such as increased self- confidence. I have grown up with a shy personality, yet as soon as I stepped in that classroom to help the children, I felt more than happy to stand in front and speak out. This has motivated me to use my free time for volunteering purposes.

Furthermore, the community benefit as well, as the children are getting a feel of what it is like to be at university and by meeting university students they are able to question this. Also, by seeing others volunteer, they may take interest in volunteering in the future.

I feel that it is the responsibility of every individual to help those in need or those that are less fortunate in society; therefore, I will continue to help out as much as I possibly can. Square Mile is just the beginning of many volunteering opportunities that I will participate in.