Mechanical Engineering student improves employability by Maths Tutoring

Thomas KnightMy experience with Square Mile began when I was in the DMU Square Mile office one day, flicking through the leaflets and looking at what opportunities I could get involved in and what I could benefit from writes Maths Tutor Volunteer, Thomas Kinght.
I currently study Mechanical Engineering, and I am in my third and final year here at DMU which meant that I wanted to get involved in something I felt comfortable with. I needed a project that wouldn’t take up too much time; not to mention something else to broaden and spice up my CV for future employers to see. So that’s when I found out about the Square Mile STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

After applying, achieving and completing a year in industry away from my studies with energy company E.ON, I was able to fully realise what career path I wanted to pursue; one in the energy
industry. This knowledge really pushed me to try and use my spare time as best I could to allow me to stand out from the crowd and where better than volunteering at a school and using my maths skills to help others grasp the subject. I also wanted to spark an interest in maths based subjects whilst embracing a new venture to progress myself and make me a more appealing candidate to employers.

When I arrived at New College I was able to work with the Head of the Maths department as well as the Assistant Head Teacher in their classes. This enabled me to build a strong rapport with the students and staff. Volunteering a maths tutor didn’t push me towards a career in teaching because my mind was already set on a career in energy however, I was able to witness another area altogether and appreciate the options available to me. It was a very valuable experience which increased my awareness of the nearby area and also enabled me to understand the importance of teaching a wide range of subjects that allows the children to experience various avenues. It was through school subjects when I was younger that consequently made me realise that I wanted to go into engineering.