Students inspiring journey with BusinessWorks Programme

Linh BusinessWorks BlogI am a current DMU student and I volunteer with the BusinessWorks programme which supports a local charity organisation based in Leicester writes postgraduate student, Linh Nguyen.

BusinesWorks is an innovative programme which aims to engage organisations and/or businesses with students and graduates from DMU. For our involvement with the programme, we explored the real business world by working with Waterfront Sports and Education Academy and as a result we discovered abilities of our own that we might not have been aware of before volunteering for the unique programme.

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Working with Square Mile

Vimme Ranthour, Working with Square Mile


My company, Warning Zone, has been involved with Square Mile’s BusinessWorks project for about a year now. Based out of the Woodgate area, Warning Zone’s care work aims to foster an understanding of risk, consequence of actions, peer pressure and personal responsibility in young people. This is not wrapping children in cotton wool, rather presenting the plain and honest facts in a memorable and understandable way in order to encourage responsible behaviour and sound decision making while living full and active lives. Warning Zone has been involved with Square Mile’s BusinessWorks project for about a year now, working to provide a unique student experience whilst tapping into the expertise of De Montfort as an institution.


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Leicestershire FA partners with Businessworks

FA StudentsBy Jason Martin, Final year DMU Business and Management Student and Square Mile Frontrunner

Leicestershire and Rutland County Football Association have entered into a collaboration with the Business School at De Montfort University to roll out a project to encourage local clubs to register as CASC’s and gain access to tax free income through the Gift Aid Scheme. Following an extensive consultation with HMRC new guidelines are to be introduced early this year simplifying the process of registration and submission of claims.


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