Be a record breaker!

Amirblog1The entire community of Leicester is being urged to get behind a record-breaking campaign to sign up 1,000 young people to the Anthony Nolan register in just one day. On October 1, eight pop-up registration stations will be set up in Leicester where people can sign up and save a life. Some of Leicester’s best-known faces will join forces with Leicestershire’s three universities to encourage 16-30 year olds to give a saliva sample and join the register in the hope of saving strangers fighting blood cancer.

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If you are good with a computer or like to champion new technology, then our IT4Free project offers you the chance to share your skills to help those who don’t know their Apple from their off button.

The project has been running for two years, and has evolved immensely since the launch. Our original aim was to deliver basic IT training to the Square Mile community. The project has now developed to encompassing multiple areas utilising various disciplines.

Community IT training

This project started in 2011 to help the community improve their IT skills. The sessions are designed for community members with no prior experience of using a computer. The aim for the project is to ensure local residents are comfortable with basic computer skills and enable them to develop a passion for computing. The sessions are held at two IT suites in Leicester – one at the Fosse Neighbourhood Centre and one in Woodgate residents association.

Students who sign up to the project will receive:

  • Free IT training
  • Transport to and from your volunteering or placement location when necessary
  • Ongoing support and assistance from the Square Mile team
  • Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  • Square Mile certificate to support achievements (*this can only be obtained after completion of our student experience evaluation)

What you will provide: 

  • Basic IT training
  • Basic social media training
  • 1-1 support for all residents taking part
  • 2 – 3 hour sessions
  • 6 week duration or drop-in sessions
  • Volunteers will start around mid-October

What you will gain: 

  • Enhance your personal confidence
  • Develop skills as IT trainers
  • Connect with the local community

DMU student and volunteer for the community IT training explains her experience helping the residents:

“There’s always a variety of people who attend; ages, gender and technical ability vary and it’s always nice to see a mix of friendly and new faces each time I attend. To name a few different activities that I have shown people how to accomplish would include: how to email, use Facebook by sending messages, uploading pictures, changing their profile and security settings and I have also helped teach people how to use different devices like ipads and smart phones.” Read more of her blog here

geoffGeoff Forse, Woodgate Resources Centre manager, describes what the IT4Free project means to the community: 

“I was absolutely delighted when we were able to start these classes again thanks to Square Mile and the student volunteers from De Montfort University.The sessions are a real benefit to the community!” Read more of his blog here

Student Sign Up!

Are you good with computers? Do you want to utilise your university course skills? Do you want to improve your future employability opportunities? If so, please sign up to the IT4Free project today!

Student frontrunner, Amina Lunat, will oversee the IT4free programme. Amina’s role is to organise events, take bookings from schools and residents, as well as training student volunteers to deliver an agreed programme. If you have any queries regarding the project then please contact Amina:


Please fill out the online form below to sign-up.


What we expect of you:

  • Be committed and passionate
  • Be polite and respectful of others
  • Inform the project lead or placement contact if you are going to be late/unable to attend
  • Talk to us if you feel there is more we could do to improve your experience
  • Log your hours on a monthly basis
  • Complete the experience evaluation at the end of the academic year
  • Enjoy your Square Mile volunteering experience!

Logging Hours
All Square Mile volunteering hours can be logged online via MyGateway. You can log your hours weekly or monthly. It is essential that you keep track of all the hours you have contributed to Square Mile volunteering opportunities. Please ensure that you input all of your hours into the MyGateway form in order to receive your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and Square Mile certificate of achievement.


Support a school

Are you thinking of heading into teaching after graduation? Are you a member of a DSU sports team looking to do some volunteering as a group? Or are you simply looking for something different, which will give your CV an edge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Homework Club project could be for you. Join the hundreds of students taking part in this project. Students who have taken part in this project (200 hundred last year alone!) say it’s one of the most rewarding things they have ever done. The DMU Square Mile team has strong connections with schools across the city and can help find the opportunity that is right for you.

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Something for YOU!

photoIt doesn’t matter whether you are a DMU fresher arriving later this month or in the third year of your PhD – there is something for you in DMU Square Mile to demonstrate your skills, knowledge or expertise. Students who give just a couple of hours a week to work with others have a massive impact on the community. Some students save lives by fighting blood cancers, others offer a friendly ear to children who have lost their way in education, others use art, sports or technical abilities to inspire or support others or teach people something new.

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Join us!

Bv4vVjkIIAA0fnjLast year DMU students who worked with DMU Square Mile were amazing – you can view many of their achievements here.  This year we have even more opportunities for DMU students to support the local community, boost CVs and make a difference. If you are a De Montfort University student returning this September or joining as first year why not consider taking part? As well as boosting your learning experiences, you are helping De Montfort University have a positive impact in the local area.

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