The reflective journal of a Square Mile primary school mentor from November ’14 to January ’15

IMG_0009Reflective journal: Day 1 Wednesday 12th November

I was put in a foundation class where the children are ages 4-5. The room is set out with various bright colours, writes Maariyaah Karim. On the walls are the children’s pictures of what they did through the week one wall there was numeracy and explained what the children were exploring. This week was numicon where there are holes and the children are learning to count. When the children first came in their parents also came in with them and did a starter activity which was where the children were practicing 4-5 letters including N and R with the help of their parents. However there was a child who was upset and crying as she did not want to leave her mum, yet calmed down after the teacher spoke to her. Continue reading

Join the fight against diabetes and achieve great things for your CV!

So, here we are in the third week of my role as a student engagement officer ENGwith DMU Square Mile and my task this week has been to find out how current projects are getting on and what the future holds for them. On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure in meeting Ms Nazmin Juma and Dr Ketan Ruparelia to discuss the Diabetes and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) project where I learnt just how important and significant this project is since “Every 5 minutes, someone, somewhere in the Uk will learn they have diabetes”, “as many as 7 million people are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and if current trends continue, an estimated 5 million people will have diabetes by 2025” and “an estimated 850,000 people are undiagnosed” (Diabetes UK). The project aims to identify diabetics and assess how they manage their diabetes within the square mile area. Continue reading

Claire: “Through volunteering with Square Mile I have now been offered at place for a PGCE”

Since September 2013 I have been a mentor at New College Leicester, writes DMU student Claire Burkett.2014-08-09 07.19.49[1] I also volunteer in a local primary school on a weekly basis. In the primary school I work with year 4 pupils on a one to one basis so they know they are getting the attention they need and want. I also observe their class teacher so I can see how to become an outstanding teacher. I go into new college around once a month and sit with each pupil for twenty minutes. In this twenty minutes we discuss how the student is getting on, if there are any issues, not just in their school classes but in school in general. From this, we set them targets to improve themselves and help solve any concerns they have. It is beneficial to the students as they like talking to someone who is not necessarily a teacher and they know they can trust us to help them. Continue reading

Children love to play the stock market with Play Dough and our students do too!

Hello, my name is Haleema Raja. I have been assigned the role of a Student Engagement Officer working alongside De Montfort University Square Mile team. GC Part of my job involves engaging with DMU students and informing them about the award winning projects. Recently, I have had the opportunity to witness how some of these projects are run. The feedback gained from some of the volunteers suggests that they are a brilliant way to utilise the skills and expertise of DMU students within the local community. One of the projects which really stood out for me was Play Dough. A stimulating investment game aimed at year 5/6 pupils helping them learn maths in a fun way. The pupils are given an opportunity to learn and put in practise the following concepts stocks, shares, demand, financial loss and gain. Each school is given a fictitious £1,000 to invest into the Stock market. Continue reading

“I want my work to reflect the university’s core values and express the passion of DMU Square Mile”

‘Never be afraid of failing. For every ten ideas that don’t work, one will change the world.’

– Professor Dominic Shellard (Vice Chancellor)

Yesterday was the three week team meeting – yep, it’s the halfway point already, writes Graduate Champion Debbie Tinsley.Debbie T DMU Square Mile manager Mark Charlton began the session by reiterating the importance of each of our roles. He explained that our work is creating the foundation for success, and that we are collectively creating a website that can potentially be reached world-wide. The meeting was a chance to finally see what each Graduate Champion has achieved with their individual research so far. It was amazing to hear and understand the variety of research that is ongoing throughout De Montfort. Continue reading

“This internship will help me develop new skills”

Hi, my name is Zainab Tarki. I am an Accounting and Finance graduate; I graduated in July 2014 with a First Class Honours. I joined the DMU Square Mile team through the Graduate Champions scheme for a six weeks internship as a Research and Engagement Officer. As a student I was not aware of the extent of the ongoing research at DMU. After joining the Square Mile team I wanted to know what the Square Mile programme involved and I was really pleased to find that it consisted of a huge range of projects that covered different faculty areas. Continue reading

“I’m eager to bring my creative skills to this project”

I am a Fashion Buying graduate from De Montfort University and have recently joined DMU Square Mile as a Research and Engagement Officer, writes Graduate Champion Sundus Shaikh. This is an organisation that provides life-changing services to the local community within Leicester such as mentoring, sports activities and speech therapy for schools as well as charity and health support sessions. Continue reading

“I feel honoured to work alongside other academics during six weeks of my graduate internship”

Hi Everyone! My name is Tasimba Masamha. I did my LLB Law and Criminal Justice at DMU and graduated in 2014. Now I’m doing my Masters.Tasimba I am currently employed as a DMU Square Mile Research Engagement Officer. At first when I received confirmation of the role I had no clue what it was all about. I did accept it but I was not sure if it was going to be something that I was going to enjoy or if it was going to be any use to me.  I started the job on Monday the 12th of January. Continue reading

“I’m ecstatic to use the skills I’ve learnt at university”

At the start of this week I enrolled to DMU Square mile as a research and engagement officer through DMU Graduate Champions scheme, to help graduates gain experience through six week internship writes Will Moss. As a research and engagement officer my job is to work with academics to help them media document their work through blogging, podcast, video, photographic and any other media related outgoings. This will aid the academics promote their work and make it accessible for the members of public that are interested in finding out about the research happening at DMU. Continue reading

“I hope to excel in this and deliver something special”

My name is Iram Shaszadi and I am a Graduate Champion. My first impressions of DMU Square Mile were promising and optimistic. I felt very excited and enthusiastic to be part of the team, in which I would acquire new skills, learn new things and to do something I find very intriguing. I find research at DMU innovative, creative and remarkable. I find it fascinating at how DMU Square Mile connects and engages with the public, which you do not see very often. Also, how they give individuals the opportunity to learn new things and further their growth. Continue reading